Do you offer other types of glass other than clear?

YES… Depending on the desired appearance or the level of privacy you want, Garaga offers a large selection of window models. To discover them, consult the page of all our window models. To quickly see what these look like on a garage door, visit our Design Centre and create your dream garage door.

Standard+ Flush, 14' x 8', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony

Standard+ Flush, 14' x 8', Black, window layout: Left‑side Harmony

Glass door, 9' x 8', Black aluminum frame, Graylite glass

Glass door, 9' x 8', Black aluminum frame, Graylite glass

For your commercial and industrial doors, other choices of glass are available. The all-glass door G-4400 and other models with one or more Panoramic sections are offered with a large choice of windows. To see all the possibilities, browse the summary page of our commercial and industrial door models.


Need help?

To make sure you are using the right parts on your garage door, we recommend you contact us to evaluate your current setup. We can also provide you with a free written quotation.

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