Interested in Full-View Garage Doors? You Need to Know Three Essential Things

Have you noticed a lot of homes are moving toward garage doors made of stunning glass? Maybe you’ve been considering whether that style is right for your home. Initially used for boutique shops and hip restaurants, even homes can now look hip and exciting. If this is something you’re into, this article will give you all the details you could want.

This full-view California garage door between the living room and the outside swimming pool creates a wonderful indoor / outdoor space.

The excellent black aluminum that makes up the frame of this California full-view double garage door makes all the other textures and colors more intense. The addition of chrome hardware adds a bit of industrial realness to the inside. If you prefer something less obvious, use black hardware and place the focus on the pool and grass outside.

The entire glass California door is an excellent option when you want to mix the indoors with the out. Next, you need to start planning out the project that works for you. You know you want a glass door and where you want to place it. But what comes next? Read on and find out!

1) Think about aluminum frames on your garage door

Based on information from AZO Mastering, aluminum has tons of benefits:

Wood and steel are heavier. That means when you use aluminum, you don’t need the most potent springs on the market. Things will last longer and look better before repairs or major maintenance is needed.

Corrosion is less likely with aluminum. It creates an oxide coating that prevents the metal from contacting the environment. This is an excellent choice when corrosive items are nearby. This means that you can go with an aluminum garage door like full-view California for spaces near water like lakes, rivers, and streams.

Aluminum is excellent at reflecting heat and light. That means that even with copious windows, the inside can be cooler when summer comes around. The extra cool complements the warmth from the windows to create a comfortable space for hobbies, working out, or storing cars.

But you have to keep in mind that there are always a few disadvantages to be aware of with benefits. We want to be sure you know all the truths, not just the good things about choosing this material.

One of the things that aluminum is best known for is being an excellent thermal conductor.

If your climate is cold toward the end of the year, remember this. Full-view frames made of aluminum are going to bring the cold inside with you.

An illustration of houses, one of them having a scarf, they other seem to envy it

When you go with a garage door with a full view, you need to be okay with knowing that the R-value will be lower than average.

But if you want that sleek style and don’t mind a lack of insulation level and saving energy, this is the way to go.

Let’s consider an example of this to make sure you make the right choice. A typical attached heated garage with a temp standing at between 46 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit should typically have no less than an R-12 value. However, R-16 construction is even more helpful when you want to cut your utility bills. This gives you an idea of the more extensive costs of having windows and keeping the room inside at 72℉ or a similar temperature.

A boho kitchen with a California full-view garage door with a Nature layout, White frame color, and Clear Windows

Quebec, Canada, is a place where the weather can get very intense. However, in the image above, you can see that it doesn’t stop you from choosing a California full-view garage door with clear windows and a white frame that keep the outside separated from the kitchen. So much light comes inside, so you can get all your tasks done with ease.

Are you living somewhere that gets less cold? Or you might heat with wood or solar panels to keep the costs to a minimum. If full-view garage doors are what you want, there is no reason not to add them. However, you need to know all the information to avoid making a wrong decision!

2) Fogged up windows are more common on full-view doors when it gets cold

Like other windows in your house, garage door windows can experience condensation, especially when the temperature drops.

So how does condensation occur?

It’s more straightforward than you might expect. A cold surface with humid, warm air will lead to condensation.

A picture of heart drawing in a foggy window.

No matter where you are, moisture is in the air. When the air is warm, the number of moisture increases. Going through your day adds moisture to the indoor air. Everything from washing dishes to taking a shower, doing laundry, and actually breathing affects the moisture levels. However, this isn’t something most people think about, especially when the windows are open to circulate air.

When the air gets colder, it causes it to contract. The moisture, on the other hand, begins to condense. As temperatures drop, condensation is often first seen on windows. Why? Windows are a large surface indoors. As the windows increase, more cold air is introduced to the home. This is why our windows are the coldest surfaces indoors. The larger the window, the more cold air becomes part of your home. That means large garage doors will condense like patio windows and similar large panes of glass.

Look how this full-view garage blends well with this shed transformed into a cute, cozy cottage. The Anodized frame color fits with the exterior siding.

Many individuals believe that large glass doors are only helpful for hip and modern homes. However, that isn’t the case. Look above to see how sleek this cottage is from Houzz. The inclusion of an anodized frame matches the outside and incorporates industrial flair.

Thankfully, several methods exist for preventing window condensation.

Cut the temperature by putting your thermostat at 72℉ to 68℉. Add on layers and wear sweaters instead of t-shirts to stay warm. If it’s not overly warm inside, it won’t feel as cold when you walk outside.

Make use of fans – but be sure the ones you have are good-quality fans. This is essential because appliances like dryers and stoves make a lot of air, which tends to be humid. The shower does the same thing. These appliances and locations need vents that go outside. Use the vent fan as you show in the bathroom and switch on the range hood as you cook.

Install a dehumidifier and/or air exchanger. The air exchanger sends out the air inside and brings the outdoor air in. During cold months, the air outside is colder and drier than you experience inside. This means an air exchanger can prevent window condensation.

Put in a wood-burning stove. You might not realize it, but a wood stove used for heat dries the air. It also has a great scent, fun sounds and makes sure your home is just as warm as you want. Imagine yourself in the late-night hours with a fire on and a book in hand as you sip on your favorite beverage. Sounds impressive, right?

Avoid drying clothes inside the home. We aren’t talking about the dryer. Go ahead and use that whenever needed. However, clothes shouldn’t be hung to dry inside. This adds a ton of moisture, even if it is environmentally friendly.

Condensation doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. Any patio door or set of large bay windows will experience the same condensation as a full-view garage door. Getting things in place before there is a problem is more straightforward than expected.

3) The best way to get tons of windows is through a full-view garage door

Sure, this might seem obvious. However, you get a ton of options when you go with full-view windows on your garage door. You can choose the right ones based on your personality and style, the project you’ve thought up, and your personal taste. However, energy efficiency and safety are also important factors.

This California all-glass garage door is in the More layout with a Black frame and Clear windows is on the façade and the driveway.

This California all-glass garage door has a cute black frame and transparent windows with a More style. Rather than being next to or behind a building, it’s right in front, where you can see the home façade and driveway. This is in a care center, so people enjoy seeing people wandering around outside.

What matters more to you? Privacy or a feeling of the outdoors?

For those in cities, you might be right next to other people. Without large mature trees or a fence, it can feel like a bit much. This might not be the right place for clear windows at night when lights are coming from every direction.

Spectacular space from Houzz! This large trendy formal and open concept living room with white walls doubles the feeling of always being outside with 2 full-view garage doors!

Check out this beautiful image on Houzz! It shows you how a brick fireplace and white walls can build a formal yet hip space that gives an always outside feeling with dual full-view garage doors.

See a California full-view garage door with a Black frame and Sandblasted windows by night.

A great way to get the privacy you want is by selecting frosted glass or sandblasted windows for your California all-glass garage door. It creates light at night and clean lines during the day. It has a nice glow that everyone will love.

With many types of glass to select from when you want a full-view door, you can choose from 0 out of 5 to 5 out of 5 privacy. The clear glass adds some extra light to the inside and gives a look at the outdoors. Select translucent, tinted, or frosted glass when you want a touch more privacy with visual appeal.

Houzz picture - A modern kitchen that opens to a private courtyard thanks to a full-view garage door. - From Jeannette Architects

Do you have some trees and a fence? Nearby neighbors won’t get in the way of your privacy, even if you select clear windows that let anyone look in. Check out this kitchen from Jeannette Architects on Houzz to see how it all comes together.

A close look at a California full-view door in 8'x7' with a White aluminum frame.

For those with mountains or a lake in the area, the California garage door made of glass is exceptional. You can enjoy the rejuvenating factors of nature without leaving home.

Would you like to increase your energy efficiency?

That’s easy; consider thermopane energy-efficient windows with LOW-E Argon.

When temperatures drop, these windows are made to let in the sun, so you get extra heat and light. Plus, it also prevents heat from going outside. When you get into the warmest season, the windows cut down on seasonal heat, heat from cars and driveways, and more to keep it from getting inside and making your space uncomfortable.

Useful chart about Insulating Glass Unit Performance

The image above shows you how two clear panes of glass compare to a single pane with a Low-E pane filled with argon. Get more information about LOW-E Argon thermopane windows.

Consider how vital safety is to you and your family

Are you in a city environment where vandalism and property damage is happening around you? Maybe you have a few kids who really love sports to spend their time outside with hockey pucks, basketball, and baseballs.

In some cases, you might believe this means a total glass garage door isn’t the right choice. For instance, you may not want to hear your kids rambunctious chattering all day long or deal with the potential of a stray ball going through the front of the garage door.

You have it all wrong! When you install tempered glass, those worries are all gone!

What tempered glass can offer

When a typical sheet of glass undergoes extreme cold and heat – it makes that glass up to five times more robust than it was initially. If something happens to break it, it falls into small pieces that are far less harmful than glass shards. It’s the same glass used in modern car windows. Keep in mind that a thermopane window can use this kind of glass on a single side or on both of them. When you want an entire glass door such as the California, it’s best to go with tempered material on each side.

A beautiful modern house with 2 California full-view garage doors, 6' x 8'6" and 16' x 8'6", Black aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass.

Full windows in your living room or kitchen may not be your style. However, it can still be done in the garage! A California garage door is a great way to make the space more versatile.

Looking to increase the value of your home with a brand-new garage door?

If you’re getting into home improvement, you know you start wanting to make massive changes. Maybe you want to paint things, change the colors, add new lighting, redo the roof, and even change your lawn. You get in a mindset of improvement and want to go big.

Make the garage door your first change. It takes up a tremendous amount of space and is the first thing guests notice. IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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