Which Commercial Doors and Garage Door Openers are Best for Car Dealerships and Other Businesses?

These full-view garage doors are in the G-4400 design, 14' 0" X 12' 0 with an anodized aluminum frame.

The car dealership's G-4400 commercial garage doors make it easy to move your cars in and out, but the best part is how great these look!

How can I beat out the competition with so many car dealerships in my area? What will bring them to my business?

Several marketing strategies can hone your sales skills, but if your customers don’t get a good first impression of your brand, you won't get the chance to use them! This blog will provide answers to help improve that crucial first impression.

RelayCars published a post that shows most car shoppers conduct their research online for an average of 13 hours or more. Imagine going into a dealership without doing any research. You wouldn't know what car to look for or how much it would cost, so why risk money on something you might not need? These days people are smarter than that- most of them conduct their search online before even visiting dealerships!

You only have one chance to form their opinion. Buyers know what they want, and they’re not going to stick around if their first impression is not positive.

You have only a few seconds to make an impression. Customers who get a negative impression are likely to walk the other way without even talking to a sales rep. That means the look of your dealership is vital to the success of your business.

Salesperson displaying various cars to potential clients in a stunning and bright showroom.

A clean and well-organized showroom is much more inviting to customers. Photo sourced from Freepik.

It's no secret that a quality garage door opener can make all the difference when it comes to first impressions, and dealerships are not exception. They should take care in ensuring their commercial doors give off an impression of professionalism as well-made with high build standards for long lasting durability!

These full-view commercial garage doors are in the G-4400 construction, 14' X 12' with an customized color frame

The G-4400 double high-speed garage doors are advantageous for many service areas because they provide attendants with an unhindered view of both the inside and outside of the building. This helps to ensure quick, efficient service and full trust from your customers as they see their vehicle enter, be serviced, then leave through the exit when finished!

Before even walking into the dealership, the customer sees the garage doors. Having beautiful and sleek doors will help make an amazing first impression. You can set yourself apart from the competition by investing in new garage doors.

What is the Best Way to Show Off the Most Impressive Cars in Your Showroom? An All-Glass Full-View Garage Door!

This full-view commercial garage door is in the G-4400 construction, 14'X 8' with an customized color frame.

The G-4400, an all-glass garage door, creates a cohesive look with any type of dealership. We understand the importance of having every aspect of your exterior (windows, frames, etc.) match your design scheme and offer several options to customize your look.

The G-4400 garage door line is chic and practical. With each one made for a specific purpose, it will be easy to find the right fit for your business needs.

Don’t know where to start? We can break down things down:

1. Color scheme will not be an issue. We offer the following:

An image of the garage door colors offered with our full-view G-4400 commercial garage door

Those at GENTEK or ROYAL are here for you if there is ever something that needs highlighting or matching in your project, because we know just what it takes make sure everything blends together seamlessly!

Whether you want a color from our regular line or something more unique, our technicians can help you choose the perfect shade for your garage door.

We have a wide variety of colors to choose from, so whether you want something bright or subtle - we've got it. Our expert professionals are also here to help you every step of the way!

If you can’t decide on which particular shade, not to worry! We can help customize a color for you! If you want your new garage to match all aspects of the exterior or blend in nicely with its surroundings and stand out by being unique instead then go for it! We’re always happy to work with you.

Please Note: The final color may differ depending on the sheen. Other factors to consider are if it will be applied by spray or brush, and what material your garage door is made from (i.e. wood, aluminum, steel, or fiberglass).

2. We offer a wide range of options for your glass needs, from 100% private all the way to see-through. No matter what you're looking for, we’ve got something for you!

Image of the 8 different type of glass offered with our G-4400 commercial doors. Clear, Satin, Graylight, Mirrorpane, Satin Grey, SuperGrey Tinted, Satin Black, and Fluted Polycarbonate Bronze.

All 20 of our glass options can come tempered or non-tempered, and each one has completely met all safety requirements.

Why should you consider using tempered glass?

Though it may appear delicate, glass is a sturdy material. Tempered glass is five times stronger than standard, meaning it's more resistant to shattering. If the glass does shatter, the shards break up into many small pieces. This makes it safer for anyone in the proximity because they won't run into large pieces of glass.

3. We provide a full warranty for all purchases. With this warranty you get:

  • 10-year coverage against seal defects on standard garage door windows
  • 10-year coverage against aluminum perforation caused by rust
  • 1-year coverage on remaining garage door pieces

Looking for An Affordable Option That Will Still Pack a Punch? Commercial Sectional Overhead Steel Doors Insulated with Injected Polyurethane Are the Choice for You

No matter you needs, we can help make it more energy-efficient by installing energy-saving garage doors. We offer doors with weatherstripping features that will keep you and your place of business warm or cool and save on heating and cooling costs!

If you’re looking for energy efficiency, here are the three main options:

These sectional commercial garage doors are in the G-5000 construction

The G-5000 line of commercial garage doors is the best insulation you can get for your car dealership! These injections will keep any cold air or water from leaking inside, so it's a safe haven.

1. Garage doors are available in four different colors! The G-5138, G-5200 and G-5000 lines can be customized with your choice of paint job.

An image of the standard and premium garage door colors offered with G-5000 commercial garage doors.

NOTE: We are happy to customize a shade for you if the color options listed do not fit your needs.

2. Our commercial garage door lines come with three options for insulation.

  • G-5138 = R-12
  • G-5000 = R-16
  • G-5200 = R-18

High insulation quality is associated with higher R-values.

The R-value of a garage door can vary depending on the climate, what type you have, and how well it was insulated before installation.

The best insulated doors we offer feature high-pressure polyurethane foam.

Why choose polyurethane? Consider these benefits:

  • Polyurethane is twice as effective as polystyrene, but not any thicker.
  • It’s secured directly to the wall, making it resistant to flexion.
  • It has an extra layer of protection with can help avoid damage from air vapors.
  • It stands up against cold weather, rain, and other outside issues.

An illustration that explains the difference between  Styrofoam and polyurethane-insulated garage doors

These two pictures can help you see the difference between a polyurethane-insulated door and a Styrofoam-insulated door.

3. With all G-5000 commercial steel garage doors, we offer a limited warranty. This includes:

  • 10-year coverage on standard window seal defects
  • 10-year coverage on rust perforation
  • 10-year coverage on cracks or rot in the wood end blocks
  • 10-year coverage on polyurethane foam delamination on the steel skin
  • 1-year coverage on remaining garage door parts

This commercial overhead garage door is in the G-5000 construction, 7' X 8', and insulated with injected with high-pressure polyurethane foam.

The G-5000 garage door is a great option for those who need to accommodate large vehicles or motorhomes. This model measures 7' x 8', so it will fit any project you have in mind!

Vertical and High-Lift Garage Doors Are Among the Most Popular Selections for Industrial Buildings

For added clearance, this sectional G-4400 all-glass commercial garage door has high-lift tracks.

A high-lift system rises vertically and offers more space at the top. Depending on your setup, you may want to consider this feature.

If you need an industrial garage door, it’s important to understand your options. Here is a list of some possibilities:

There are six choices for your garage door lift system.

Standard lift This is the most common choice. It gives 10” or more of headroom. Illustration of Garage Door Standard lift
High-lift track This is a common choice that works well for businesses with high ceilings. With this option, there is extra room to clear the area overhead. Illustration of Garage Door High lift
Full vertical model The sleek and stylish design of this door opens up directly against the top wall, making it an excellent option for commercial spaces. The doors can open up directly to the top of the wall. Illustration of Garage Door Full vertical lift
Inclined garage door tracks Cathedral ceilings are the most ideal for this type of lift because it will follow along the track easily and look visually appealing. Illustration of Garage Door Inclined track
Front and rear low headroom It can be a challenge to have 10” or less of headroom. This option is a possibility to allow for enough space to open and close the door. Illustration of Garage Door Low front headroom

With the vertical or high-lift operating systems, your door will have plenty of headroom. These types work well in spaces like agricultural and commercial facilities because they provide ample space for taller objects to be stored without crowding out other things around them such as equipment

This commercial sectional garage door is in the G-5000 construction and has high lift. With tracks close to the ceiling like this one, there is a lot of overhead clearance

The commercial garage door with high-lift hardware has many benefits. One of the most notable is plenty of headroom, but that’s not all! It's also quiet and easy to maintain - not to mention efficient when it comes down power consumption.

Choosing Heavy-Duty Hardware Can Take Your Garage Door To a Whole New Level

The springs on your garage door are a major determining factor in how much weight it can hold. Springs come with different lengths and thicknesses, depending what you need for the size of openings that they will be opening or closing at home - so make sure to consult a garage door experts when making your selection!

Commercial garage doors are significantly larger than residential options, which means they’re heavier and go through more cycles of opening or closing per day. In order for your opener to work properly with these types of springs you need power enough that will lift the door reliably when needed!

This all works from physical science. Scientific technology is used to counterbalance the system so everything works smoothly for you.

  • Springs that are longer can handle more opening and closing cycles


  • Short springs ultimately have more stength.

All of these factors can be overwhelming when trying to make smart purchasing decisions. A garage door expert can help you analyze the springs and strength to make the best purchase for your needs.

When considering your hardware, think about these main options:

High-lift hardware: Commercial spaces often go with this choice. If you have the ceiling room, these make work well for your needs.

Hardware Light Duty
  • 14-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull rope
  • Single hinges
Heavy Duty
  • 13-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain
  • Single or double hinges
Super Heavy Duty
  • 12-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain or chain hoists
  • Single or double hinges
  • Reinforcement bars

Light Duty

  • 14-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull rope
  • Single hinges

Heavy Duty

  • 13-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain
  • Single or double hinges

Super Heavy Duty

  • 12-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain or chain hoists
  • Single or double hinges
  • Reinforcement bars

*The lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel

Commercial Door Information and Features:

  • Commercial doors are typically built to handle greater weights than residential models and is more energy-efficient.
  • This requires larger hardware, which in turn means more insulation is needed for these types of garages.
  • They might have 1-⅜" thick polystyrene or even 2 inch steel reinforced concrete walls!

Before you buy, make sure you research and ask about both commercial and residential hardware. You need to distinguish between the two.

The commercial sectional garage door is opened and closed much more than residential ones. To increase durability, you need to install the right hardware so it lasts longer!

To understand more, look at the differences between the two types of tracks. The difference between residential and commercial door hinges is quite clear -

  • Residential doors withstand just a few uses per day.
  • Commercial doors can take up much more daily use.

The counterbalancing spring system also has these factors.

The durability of your garage door depends on how often it's used.

A commercial-grade model needs a spring system that can last up to 100,000 cycles--and maybe you only use the opener every few days or weeks!

Finally, think about how the door actually moves.

The residential garage door has a much shallower opening than its commercial counterpart.

Usually, commercial doors move vertically because the high ceilings allow for the clearance space. Residential doors do not generally have this space to move vertically.

When your commercial garage door is not functioning properly, it can be a hassle to deal with. You might have the repair work done or interrupt services for other customers in order get this taken care of quickly and efficiently so that you're back up again as soon possible!

You Won’t Believe the Strength of Our Heavy-Duty, Powerful Commercial Garage Doors!

This is LiftMaster's RBH operator, a jackshaft-type that is robust and powerful with a chain to open it manually.

Jackshaft-type operators are the best choice for high lift garage doors because they have sidewall mounting. A door like this also provides power and utility with its manual chain, but it's important to note that these models do add an extra expense.

Price is important to factor into your decision. These are the main factors we suggest you think about when deciding on your budget:


The higher the voltage, like 550V for example (which is used in some countries), will make your garage door opener work more efficiently and last longer.

If you want an efficient system with a long life cycle then go ahead and choose a higher voltage!

Engine Power

The power needed for your garage door depends on how big it is. A human's strength will never be enough to open up a large commercial-grade metal entranceway like the kind found in many garages, so you'll want something with some horsepower!

If this sounds too complex and technical then don't worry - just know that smaller doors need ½ HP while mid-range models require ¾ Horses Power (HP), and larger installations should use 1 horsepower.

Central or Side Opening System

The jackshaft-type openers are designed for doors that have a vertical angle. The hoist will help you operate the door properly, and it's necessary if your opener doesn't work correctly or isn’t working at all!

One of the most popular garage door openers on today's market is known as a "jackshaft" type. This specific design has been around for decades and can be found in homes all across America, but if you're looking to make your home even more energy efficient then we recommend checking out our top pick: LiftMaster RBH operator! We've got some good reasons...

  • Without any effort on your part, it can raise all garage door options – even if they are heavy.
  • It will last much longer without wearing from regular opening and closing.
  • Our powerful and reliable remote-control systems are designed for both large sectional doors with a vertical system or grilles as well rolling models so that there's one perfect option depending on what type of opening device is needed!

Define RBH

  • RB stands for roller bearing
  • H stands for chain hoist

This Liftmaster RBH operator comes equipped with rollers that will bear great weight and allow for longer use. It's simple to operate too!

If you are a primarily visual learner, then we’ve got you in mind! The manual comes with clear illustrations so you can see examples of how to operate all areas of your new door.

Features of the LiftMaster RBH

Drawing of all the key components and parts of a commercial garage door opener. This is LiftMaster's RBH operator


  • The clutch prevents the door from slipping or jerking when it’s being opened and closed.
  • This feature keeps both the door and the person operating it safe.

Operator Motor

  • There is a safety system in place to automatically shut down the motor before it overheats.
  • The motor is strong enough and gives the torque equivalent to a car doing from 0 mph to 60 mph.
  • If you ever need a repair, error codes are automatically recorded so your repair technician will know what to fix without any expensive and time-consuming testing.


  • You can choose exactly when if closes. The range is from one second all the way up to 99 minutes.
  • With the TimerSecure (race timer function) feature, the motor will detect when there is too much idle time and power down automatically.
  • The Mid-Course Stop Function is a great way to save power and your own time.
  • The Dealership Mode is a pre-programming feature which allows you to easily automate the timing of shut down.

Wall Control Panel

The doors utilize what’s called the MAS (Maintenance Alert System). You choose how often you want it maintained. Your selection can be any amount, as long as it’s set to multiples of 1,000. When you reach the number you set, the MAS system with notify you by flashing a light.

Consider the dual-sided photo eyes (CPS-UN4) which is recommended for commercial garage doors in the G-4400 line.

This feature will keep your new garage door protected you from dirt, dust and water while also ensuring that they don’t get inside. The heavy duty polycarbonate housing ensures this!

Not only are these doors great for indoor or outdoor spaces but they're perfect if your business deals with anything related such as car washes - agencies who sell new cars too might consider using them because it saves on power bills (especially important!).

Attention Owners of Car Dealerships and Commercial, Industrial, or Retail Spaces – Our Friendly and Knowledgeable Sales Team is Ready to Speak to You!

We hope all this information has helped you as you consider your garage door needs. When you’re ready, please contact the team at ACS Door Services of Omaha. They’ll help you from start to finish!

  • We provide a free consultation. You can come to us, but we’re always happy to come to you!
  • You’ll receive a free quote from us. Our quotes are detailed and specified to your exact needs taking into account that the price of a garage door installation depends on a number of factors.
  • Our team will then measure your space. This ensures that you are getting the right door for your space.
  • Additionally, we offer our customers a planned preventive maintenance plan. We know how important your new garage door will be to your business, and we are committed to making it reliable.

Cut no corners with your commercial garage door! This is a sound investment that will ultimately save you money. It’s worth paying more now so when repairs come up in the future, they can be done quickly and easily because there won't need to find anyone else who wants their job done for less than what it costs them

Moral: You want an efficient use of resources? Then make sure all hardware installed meets current standards.

Want to learn more? We are happy to talk to you about all our options and answer any questions you have about our products!

Call us today! 402-333-8988!

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