Customize Your Space With These Great Garage Flooring Ideas

If your current garage floors are looking old and in need of an upgrade, you have options. Make it happen and have a garage that you enjoy being in!

Check out the flooring in your garage when you’re working next. The floors most likely looked awesome when they were brand new, but we rarely pay attention to them after a while. It might be time to do some upgrades if they are looking worn and dingy.

The interior of a well appointed garage with a black and orange tiled floor.

See something that interests you? Check out some awesome ideas from Wonderful Engineering.

Keep on reading if you want to learn more about the ways you can update your garage space – specifically the flooring. We’ll walk you through some floor painting ideas as well as other designs that might be of interest! We look forward to sharing other ways to modernize your space.

Before You Start Working on Your Garage Floor

Before thinking of how to upgrade your flooring, prioritize repairing the surface underneath. If you plan on using epoxy or paint, be sure to fill in any cracks you see as this can cause damage. On top of that, stains from materials like grease and oil can seep through and cause issues later.

Old room with brick walls.

Firstly, fix the surface underneath the area you plan on upgrading. Image from Pixabay.

It does matter what floor covering you choose, it typically won’t handle any problems related to moisture. Condensation should always be handled first. Click here to learn more about weatherstripping and how this might be contributing to any issues you might have at the current moment. Remember, repairs should be taken care of first, then you can focus on the aesthetics of the space.

Consider replacing the garage floor if it is extremely worn down. If your floor sounds like any of the following, replacement might be the best option.

  • Cracks in the floor are causing changes in temperatures
  • Perhaps the threshold of the garage door needs to be repaired.
  • Chipping and other wear and tear are visibly around the flooring in the garage.
  • There seems to be a look of sinking
  • The floor is noticeably worn down and might even contain stains.
  • You’re ready to completely change the garage floor you currently have.

If any of these apply to you, a new floor is recommended. If you only have small issues, read about the options below to help complete some repairs so that your floor looks totally new. Check out your options and create a plan to move forward.

Try out new garage flooring ideas to really make your contemporary garage look fantastic.

Try out some awesome flooring ideas to upgrade to a more contemporary look Interested in a door that contains all-glass? This is the California, in 18’ x 8’, Black aluminum frame and Mirror glass.

Epoxy Flooring Ideas Might Be the Way to Go

Some people think epoxy is a paint since the application process is similar. There are two main reasons this material is different from normal paint. Paint dries as the water and other moisture leaves the material, whereas epoxy can only harden through a chemical reaction. After the process is complete, epoxy is able to maintain a visually appealing and long-lasting floor for your space.

It’s important to note that epoxy is different than epoxy paint; the latter is a type of paint that contains epoxy. Epoxy comes in two parts that include a hardener and a resin. The two must be mixed together before attempting to coat the floor.

Another Option is Paint

If your floors are covered in stains from different materials, it might be a good idea to paint your garage floor. These types of paints come as either oil-based paint or contain latex. This type of paint is very durable and typically comes in satin, non-slip varieties. This option is very resistant to different kinds of solvents, salts, and other things that may cause damage down the line. Paint is incredibly durable for spaces that are commonly used.

As previously stated, it’s not unusual for latex paints to also have epoxy resin mixed in. This type of paint creates a harder finish than normal paint and can be incredibly resistant to stains. Be sure to choose a paint that is made for concrete flooring or you might have other issues later on. This is the best option for creating a new look for your garage door.

Paint and epoxy are very similar and can be applied on the floor directly which makes it a simple job for many!

Paint is a great way to add visual appeal to your garage floors.

Use paint to add visual appeal to your garage floors. There are plenty of colors to choose from!

Flooring Ideas That Use Tile

Tiles can be a great way to redesign any area but always look great in a garage. Garage tiles can be similar to tile used inside the home but are commonly made of rubber, wood composite, or semi-rigid plastic.

Tiles can interlock together to create a slightly raised area. These tiles are also strong enough to support many types of automobiles. Using tiles is a great way to level out uneven flooring.

  • Tile is usually made of plastic, polypropylene, or PVC. Different companies offer different ways to finish around the doors and edges of your space.
  • Rubber tile is also a common option. It is typically used in playrooms or at sports facilities. Many of us are already familiar with this type of tile. It is very easy to walk or stand on which is great for those who will be in their garage for a long while.
  • Wood composite tiles are another option. The small parts are able to support a large amount of weight so they are a great option for garages. Their tongue and groove design help snap the pieces together so they are sturdy and long-lasting.

If you’re searching for something that is durable but versatile in design, tile is an excellent option. Consider your reasons for adding the new floor tile when considering which materials to use. There’s something for every garage!

What do you think about a tile floor for your garage? It's a great choice that is simple to clean.

Interested in types of tile? It’s a simple choice that can work for anyone.

Still Haven’t Come Up With The Right Idea? Consider Floor Mats

Floor mats can be a simple and temporary solution. They are also very easy to maintain long-term. These mats are usually made of rubber or plastic and are installed on top of the floor like tile. They are great for covering areas that are stained or cracked without extensive prep. If you use the space for working, mats can be a great choice as the concrete is fully protected from any type of oils or other stains. Matts can also handle much more damage than paint of epoxy.

Some floor mats have different types of textures, others are more similar to rugs, and some are more like padded floors. Typically, garage mats are thick and very simple to clean so constant upkeep isn’t something you have to worry about.

If You’re Looking For Another Project…

While searching for options to upgrade your flooring, you might consider some other projects as well. Adding a new smart garage door opener can help you create the garage of your dreams. You could even install windows or an all-new garage door to go with the new flooring to really show off to your friends.

Add a new garage door with windows to make your space stand out.

Make your space stand out by adding a new garage door with windows. See something you like? Check out Eastman E-13, 8’ x 7’, in Desert Sand doors and overlays, with Panoramic Clear Windows.

Interested in Replacing Your Garage Door as Well?

Contact our amazing specialist that’s located in your area. They are able to help you match the perfect garage door to your newly installed flooring!

ACS Door Services of Omaha makes this as simple as possible. You can even get a quotation via email.

Not sure about your style? No problem! Take a look at our 3 styles to get a better idea about which garage door might be best for you.

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Can’t decide?

Lots of gorgeous residential garage doors are waiting for you here. Check out these designs and see if any spark an interest!

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